NASCAR creates raving fans

i have become a fan of NASCAR and the Indy Car Series since my trip to the Indianapolis 500 back in May. What is amazing is the amount of loyalty that specifically NASCAR has created with their fans. They have truly created Raving Fans. The question is Why? Why are folks so amazingly passionate about racing, race-day, drivers, and the entire gig. My perception prior to becoming a fan was "what's the big deal? they go fast around a track and keep making left turns." Well, turns out, there is more behind the story.  1. Up close- when you experience a race, lots of the crowd are able to get up close to the drivers, the pits, the garages, and the crews. Walking in the pits and the garages takes away the barrier of entertainment and makes fans feel like they are part of the family. This is such a different mindset than the rest of professional sports. You can interact with the "stars" and that is truly encouraged within the racing world.

2. Approachable- NASCAR drivers seem approachable and down to earth, even though they are making tons of money. You feel like Dale Earnhardt or Jimmie Johnson or Carl Edwards are guys that you could go duck hunting with, and wouldn't mind helping set up the blind that morning. Whether they are or not, impression and perception many times creates reality. 

3. Experience- NASCAR has done a great job in creating an experience around Race Day and throughout the week leading up to races. You can listen on race day to the crew chiefs and drivers talk on their radios through headphones during the race. Imagine being able to listen to what Bill Belichick is saying in Tom Brady's helmet over the radio on a Sunday afternoon? 

4. Affordable- this one speaks for itself. Because of the enormous amount of sponsor dollars that NASCAR creates, they are able to keep ticket prices low for races.