My favorite convenience store

Alright, I have to admit. When it comes to a gas station/convenience store, I have a pretty significant passion for QuikTrip. In fact, I really won't go anywhere else. I will seek out a QT even if it means going out of my way to find it. 

So why is that? 

1. They deliver on their brand- fast, clean and convenient

2. They are friendly and provide great customer service- they say hello to every person who walks in the door, and actually are pleasant to be around. Seem to actually enjoy their job, which is hard to find in the convenience store industry. 

3. They provide a superior product- the fountain drinks are off the charts. The cubed ice is worth the drive. The coffee is affordable and consistent. The snacks are plenty.

4. They staff and plan effectively- I have never waited in line, and if so, only for a few seconds. It seems that they know exactly when to have more staff on site because of busy times vs. slow times. It always looks like there are more staff than needed, vs. not enough at most gas stations. 

5. There is consistency regardless of location- you can expect a similar experience regardless of which store you visit. This is huge when it comes to consumer trust. I am confident that regardless of city or location, my experience is going to be great. 

Not sure if these are helpful, but we can definitely find parallels between this list and what our organizations or churches should strive for. The reality is, it all starts with the leader. 

The bad news- they're not completely nationwide. The good news- they're all over Atlanta. So do yourself a favor and pull in to a QT and get yourself a fountain drink next time you're in the ATL.