Mid Week Update

- as you can tell from the pics from previous posts, was in New York yesterday. Met with some of the team from Random House, and good friend Michael Palgon who leads the Doubleday Publishing Group within the Random House family. Working on ways to get more content out to our community in different and unique ways. Their office is on Broadway just up from the Late Show with Letterman theatre and Radio City Music Hall.  - had lunch with Jon Tyson, an Aussie, church planter in New York City, and a great strategic thinker. He's working on things right now that the average church leader won't see as routine until 5-10 years from now. 

- caught up with Jamie Tworkowski, the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms, who is in NYC this week to speak at a major event being put on by the UN, State Department, and MTV, all around the topic of social networking. Jamie is having incredible influence in major major circles of cultural influence. 

- looking forward to our first big brainstorming meeting tomorrow regarding Catalyst 2009 (east) in October. We're 10 months out and the engine is cranking up. 

- Went to the Hawks game tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies. There were probably 3,000 people there at most. But the Hawks are talented. And will be a playoff team again this year. 

- Tired of hearing all the griping about how Texas should be in the Big 12 Championship game instead of OU. Everyone agrees that the system is flawed, but I can't help that the computers and the coaches placed OU ahead of Texas.