Make the DMV Remarkable

So I went to the Georgia DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office last week to pick up my new tags, and had a thought....

How hard would it really be to make a trip to the DMV a remarkable experience? Well, actually not that hard. We all know how much we dread going there. A trip to the DMV is up there with going to get a root canal or jury duty. And the same is true in every state and in every county across the country- the DMV is usually a miserable and painful conclusion to what most of the time is an overall great experience- purchasing a new vehicle. So thought I would give a few ideas on how to make it a memorable experience.

1. Smile and be friendly- maybe the folks who work there could do these two things. I know it is a challenge. I probably wouldn't smile if I had to work there, but let's give it a try.

2. Better lighting- usually the saddest and dimmest lit place in every government building. How about an upgrade to some better bulbs, and maybe a plant or two to freshen things up.

3. A candle or plug in scent maker- yeah, usually these places stink. A couple of glade plug ins would do wonders.

4. Excitement- how about a giveaway or a raffle every 15 minutes? A daily "get your tag for free" contest- the only way you can enter is if you have all of your paperwork and don't hold up the process for all 100 people in line behind you.

5. Snacks and drinks- seriously, some good snacks and a complimentary beverage would make my 30 minutes in line alot more pleasant.

6. Entertainment- a good itunes mix over the speakers would go a long ways. Or maybe a couple of flat screens in the corner that are showing Sportscenter or the Price is Right. 

What else would make your experience at the DMV a REMARKABLE one?