Interview with Erwin McManus

I recently spent an hour with Erwin McManus on the phone interviewing him for a Filter private conference call. You can listen to an excerpt of the interview on the latest Catalyst Podcast, either via itunes or on the Catalyst website

We talked about Erwin's most recent book that has just released- Wide Awake: The Future is Waiting Within You. We also discussed his take on creativity, current challenges in the Church, and some of his most recent projects.

A few notable quotes from the interview: 

"As pastors, we should make sure we are spending 6 days a week listening, and one day a week talking."

"Our problem is not a deficit in resources in the Church today.... the problem is we haven't learned how to develop human talent in our church communities."

"We need to be doing more of what we are created to do, and less of what we are obligated to do."

"We have incredible communicators in the Church today.... the challenge is we're just not talking about anything the world cares about."