Idol creates community

it is amazing to me that American Idol has created such a consistent strong following, particularly among 18-25 year olds. But I think the two biggest things that have attracted people from all over the world is Authenticity and Community. Reality TV thrives off the concept of authenticity- live, raw and unfiltered. We all have something within us that longs to see what people sound like, as well as what others think of. And when it comes to "others," I think that is what draws people to American Idol more than anything else- the idea that I am part of a club, that I can help choose the winner or have a say, even though there are 30 million of us and we all have some sense of connection and value to add to the conversation. And we all connect around someONE within the competition, which also creates community. Survivor over the last 10 years has done the same thing. Authenticity and Community give Idol a proven angle for connecting to the next generation. And Idol gives Back is just another step in the right direction for creating community.