Help for Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge

Hurricane Gustav missed a direct hit on New Orleans, but trounced Baton Rouge pretty hard. Supposedly, the worst hurricane damage ever in Baton Rouge. Our great friends at Healing Place Church, who for the last three years has been doing incredible work in Katrina relief efforts, are now in need of your help. Dino Rizzo and the team at Healing Place are asking for BLUE TARPS for the relief efforts from Hurricane Gustav

Our road trip team was there on Friday and saw the damage first hand. Power is expected to be out in parts of southern Louisiana for 4-6 weeks. Many people in the outer parts of the bayou have yet to be reached. We asked how we could help. Their answer:

They need BLUE TARPS! 

Please send as many blue tarps as you can to Healing Place Church. 

Here is a BLUE TARP Link where you can purchase a blue tarp. The shipping address is below. 

ONE (1) BLUE TARP Healing Place Church 19202 Highland Road Baton Rouge, LA 70809 225.753.2273

You can also visit the official Hurricane Relief website set up by Healing Place Church for more information and other ways to get involved.

Thanks for giving and helping our friends in Baton Rouge! And please post this on your own sites as well and forward to friends.