Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

When is the last time you got outside your typical routine? Stepped outside the norm and the comfort of a "normal" day, learning environment, or group of friends? When did you last learn from, or for that matter event talk with someone you don't agree with? Are there people in your life who challenge all of your paradigms and stretch your thinking on a consistent basis? Or do you simply surround yourself with "yes" men and women?

Do you typically like to spend time with those whom you feel are inferior to you (in your industry, work environment, and career) or those who are much better than you? Are there certain people who intimidate you? If so, plan a lunch or meeting with them and become a student. Typically those who intimidate us are those we should probably learn from, but aren't sure how. 

Over the next week, make a plan to spend at least one hour in an environment or with a person who stretches you. Nothing morally or ethically sketchy (obviously). I think you'll find it to be a refreshing time. And please report back so we can all learn from your experience.