Exponential - Behind the scenes

I am here in Orlando with the Catalyst team at the Exponential Conference. We are doing some interviews with some of the speakers and leaders who are here for upcoming Catalyst podcasts. There have been some pretty fun and interesting moments here over the last two days. Have been hanging out with Mark Batterson, Todd Rhoades, Scott Hodge, Chris Elrod, Jay Hardwick, Ed Stetzer, Dave Ferguson, David Putman, Vince Antonucci, John Burke, Bobby Triplett, Efrem Smith and many others.  Was looking forward to hanging with Matt Chandler later today but some unfortunate things happened with some folks in his church and looks like he won't be able to make it down. 

Obviously, lots of influential bloggers here at this event. We had some fun this afternoon doing some live video feeds with some of the speakers. Planned to actually do an interview myself, but we were so engaged with other speakers and authors in interviews that didn't get around to doing an interview with me. 

You can find alot of fun behind the scenes stuff from Exponential on Scott's, Todd's, Chris, or Jay's blog.