Drivers.... Start Your Engines!

That's right, yours truly was at the Indianapolis 500 Race on Sunday this past weekend. Haven't posted anything in the last three days but I'm back! The race was incredible. But the festivities leading up to the race were even more fun. Thanks to Steve Fee for the invite and to Scott Brickell for hooking me up on the ticket. But this wasn't just an ordinary ticket to the Indy 500- we had pit passes, garage passes, and a pagoda suite club pass, which is the ultimate when watching a race at Indy. 

Steve was there to lead worship at the three chapel services held before the race for staff, crews, drivers, volunteers and VIP's. Scott is Steve's manager and has provided a worship leader 5 out of the past 6 years for the chapel service. Scott is the founder and CEO of Brickhouse Entertainment, managing bands like Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me, and now the Fee Band. We had a great time together watching the race as well as visiting with a few celebrities here and there. We also were able to hang out in the driver's area pre-race which was pretty cool getting to see the drivers up close with their friends and families. 

Overall, a very cool experience. I guess I am an official Indy racing fan now. Spoiled Indy racing fan for sure! Check out this video below- it will give you a sense of how loud the cars are. 


A few shots below of some moments with celebrities!