Drive, Drive, Drive

Well the month of conferences continues- Q, ARC, Exponential, Orange, Drive and also a personal stop for some incredible worship at the Passion Regional event. It's been a crazy month filled with lots of conversations, updates and new friends.  Drive is happening over the next couple of days, and is now in full swing- 2 main sessions so far from Andy (really good stuff), and lots of breakouts with North Point staff. Ran into Carlos this morning, and disappointed I missed the bloggers get together last night. He's got pictures of the whole crew who got together and hyperlinks to each of their blogs over at his site. Plus, he is twittering notes and fun things from the sessions. You can also check out Loran Lichty's notes on the sessions. 

Wanted to post a few pics from Drive. Always fun hanging at the Catalyst booth.... you never know who is gonna show up. Got a visit from Kristian Stanfill last night, and then had lunch with Steve Fee today. Sidenote- Steve's song "All Because of Jesus" is #1 on the charts right now. Congrats Fee Band! Saw Chrystina Fincher in the hallway after her incredible opener to main session 2 this afternoon, and then also had a stop by Todd Fields at the Catalyst booth this afternoon as evidenced behind Lanny below. And saw Eddie Kirkland last night as well. Kristian, Steve and Eddie on stage last night was powerful. I am wondering when any of these great worship leaders are going to ask me to join them on stage.... to bust out some Lord I Lift Your Name on High or some Blind Man. Just let me know when you need me.....