Don't get stagnant

Recently spent some time with Pete Richardson, who is a good friend and consults with tons of ministries, not for profits, and businesses. Pete brought up a great analogy between growing as a spiritual leader and fly fishing, ultimately the inflow and outflow of life. For those who love to fly fish, you know that stagnant water is bad. The best water and ultimately the best fishing is in areas where water is moving and stays pure and filtered- areas that have a current and water flow. Areas of a river that don't have great inflow and outflow tend to get stagnant, dirty, polluted and unpure. 

Similar to our life as a follower of Christ and spiritual leader. How are you creating rhythms in your own personal development, and creating a great inflow and outflow system that keeps you fresh and protects against becoming stagnant? All of us are aware how quickly we can become stagnant- in personal development, in Scriptural study and engagement, in community, in prayer and spiritual disciplines, and many other areas of life. It is important that we are constantly purging the things that are impure, and flowing in to our lives new things that are fresh, clean, and will purify.