Dan Kimball

had the privelege on Saturday afternoon to spend some time with Dan Kimball. Dan is a thought leader, pastor, author, speaker and influential blogger. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA and pastors Vintage Faith Church. His most recent book is titled They Like Jesus But not the Church. Our team is going through this book together and it is definitely creating some great discussion and conversation among our team. I highly recommend this book. Dan and I spent a couple of hours together at a local Starbucks (mocha, no whip) and had an enlightening conversation. We talked at length about the Emergent movement, publishing, his church, leadership, and the conference world. I really appreciate his heart and passion for evangelism and his message to the church through his writings. Dan is incredibly intelligent, has a strong desire to learn (which I really admire- he asks great questions), and can tell he just flat out loves Jesus and wants others to know Him. Dan is a leader that will for sure be impacting the Church and leaders in the church for a long time.