Current Reading List

So here is a breakdown of the books and magazines that are currently on the ole nightstand: 1. Fast Company- the best magazine out there for innovative business ideas. Period.

2. Starfish and the Spider- a great read focused on the difference between a hierarchial organization and one that is decentralized. 

3. They Like Jesus But Not the Church- from my friend Dan Kimball. Provoking, inspiring, and great for discussion among peers. 

4. The Wisdom of Crowds- Similar in many ways to The Tipping Point, but some insightful thoughts on how crowds can lead, learn, and provide hints on the way things work.

5.  The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive- a classic from Patrick Lencioni. 

6.  Know How- by Ram Charan. Ram is a genius when it comes to execution and creating solutions for getting things done. 

7.  Simply Christian- by NT Wright. Been reading this one for quite a while. It is an instant classic. 

What are you reading?