Creative is step #1

As a follow up to Turning Ideas into Reality post from last month. We had a 1/2 day Catalyst Programming brainstorm meeting a few days ago (more pictures from that meeting to follow). When you combine that meeting with 7-8 previous meetings over the last couple of months, there are lots of ideas to consider and research. Around 500 true program ideas right now we have on the list to consider for Catalyst in October along with upcoming events (not all on the boards below). Yikes! The hardest part is deciding what NOT to do.

Many of you have asked about these black creative boards that we use incessantly in all of our planning and programming. You can order them through Don at His phone number is 724-229-0954 (thanks to Betsy for the correct info on this). Highly recommend them, plus some trusty 3 x 5 cards from your local office supply store, some silver push pens, and you're ready to go.