Craig Groeschel Makes a Stop Here!

Welcome to all the IT fans. Thanks for stopping by today for the Craig Groeschel Blog Tour. Scott Hodge yesterday, and Dave Ferguson tomorrow. I am in good company. I had several questions for Craig regarding IT, but had to narrow everything down to one. So here you go.

For young leaders, one of our great challenges is that we want to be confident in leading, but not arrogant, and we want to step up and lead now. When it comes to the “IT” factor, how do we know if we have IT when we might be very early in the process, so it’s hard to measure because of a true lack of experience?

Craig:  Brad, Thanks for your tremendous leadership with Catalyst! I can’t wait for the event again this year.   You’ve asked a great question. In case your readers don’t know what I mean by IT, I am simply referring to the special work of God that you experience at some places. You can feel IT… sense IT… you want IT…   Actually, I believe that IT is often easier for a young leader to have than for a veteran because ministry often kills IT. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true.   Some people are so in love with Jesus that they’ll leave their higher paying jobs to serve God in full-time ministry. Over time, they get hurt, disillusioned, and discouraged. Without even realizing it, they can lose their spiritual edge.   Experience breeds wisdom. There can be a huge advantage as a leader matures over time. But even a child can “get it.” I love to encourage the passion in the young believers and challenge them to keep dreaming big! You don’t have to be old to make a huge difference for Christ! Paul encouraged Timothy not to let anyone despise his youth. 


Thanks Craig! Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you in a couple of weeks. 

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