Computers, the Church and personal discipleship

Had a meeting this morning with a number of leaders, and a pretty interesting discussion emerged regarding the basics of computer technology and how that compares to the essence of our Christian faith and the basics of discipleship. Thanks to Mike Breen for bringing up this one big point that I thought was profound.  At the very basics of computer technology, you have three main ingredients: applications, an operating system, and programming language/binary code. So for example, with Apple, you have great applications such as itunes, iphoto, ilife, and the ipod. The operating system is Leopard, one of the greatest ever, and the programming language is an off shoot of Unix- but at its essence the DNA of how the system is put together. 

When it comes to matters of faith, there is a strong connection that follows the same basic premise of the three levels: the application is the church (small c), the operating system is discipleship, and the programming language is Scripture. 

This point created some great discussion, as most of us would think that the operating system would be the church, and the application would be discipleship, but it is just the opposite. The church is what is created as an application from Scripture and discipleship. 

Interesting thoughts from this morning. Still thinking through it.