Championship Time

Oklahoma vs. Missouri, Florida vs. Alabama, Virginia Tech vs. Boston College, Tulsa vs. Eastern Carolina.  This weekend will crown several conference champions, and it is safe to say that the winners of these championship games are then able to look at their season as a success. Being a champion makes you a winner, makes you a legend, makes you able to identify all the hard work and dedication with a very visible payoff- a ring, a trophy, a picture, a moment. Tangible expressions of a champion. 

How should we in the business world, corporations, churches, organizations measure our success? We don't have conference or national championships, so sometimes setting goals and being able to reach those goals is a bit fuzzy. 

Maybe we should have conference (industry) championships between organizations? Not sure what the championship game would look like, but could be fun. Maybe it's time for a BCS system for businesses.... but let's leave the computers out of the equation.....