Airplane Etiquette, Part 2

So it's Part 2 of the Airplane Etiquette series. If you missed the first post in the series, no worries- you can check it out here. We had some great comments on the first post... many of which have influenced Part 2 below. Keep the additional thoughts flowing. 

1.  Can't quit chatting Cathy- is it really necessary that you talk on your phone until the flight attendant has to tell you to turn it off, at which moment you act like you are done and then jump right back on the same phone call. You are such a rebel.... Stop it. Whatever it is can wait. Stop it now. 

2. Move forward 1 or 2 rows when you are in the back Marvin- there is an unwritten rule in airplane etiquette- you cannot advance more than one row past where you were sitting, unless previously allowed through announcement or special circumstances authorized only by the senior flight attendant or captain. Otherwise, stay in your row, and beyond that, just stay in your seat. Is it really that important that you save 7 seconds by moving forward and hacking everyone off? Foreigners are the typical culprits on this one.... there needs to be an international handbook on etiquette written immediately, if not sooner. 

3. Nothing to read, write, or do Danny- honestly, you are on a three hour flight and brought nothing with you to work on, watch, read, write, or listen to. Are you serious? So the entire flight you try to sleep, but can't, so instead you just annoy everyone around you. Buy an ipod, or a walkman, or at least a newspaper. 

Continue to add to the list, or confirm the above with a story or example.