A Great Sermon

Wanted to list a few notes from Kevin Myers' sermon this past weekend at 12Stone Church. It was a great reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Here are the high points: - The Holy Spirit both inverts and infills.

- It transforms the way we see things; shift is the key word

- It also gives us strength to stick

- We can easily take our eye off the road and focus on lesser things and over time start to drift

- Is it possible that there is too little "Acts" (Biblical) and too much "America" in the Church today? A very strong and pressing question.

- The church in Acts focused first on commitment, and second on convenience. Too many times my tendency is to focus first on convenience, and second on commitment.

- Some closing questions: What burdens me? What does it means for me to win? How am I keeping score? What keeps me up at night?