Who I am Learning from

Every leader needs to make sure they are continuing to learn on a consistent basis. Here are a few current outlets for my learning. This is not an exhaustive list since the things I'm listening to, reading, or watching change on a pretty regular basis. But this gives a pretty good perspective for what is happening right now. 1. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast- one of the best resources available.

2. Catalyst DVD sets- I don't get to hear most of the talks at Catalyst, but I always go back later and listen to every talk.

3. TED Talks- one of my favorite places to look for fresh content and inspiring new voices.

4. Seth Godin- through his blog and all of his books.

5. Fast Company- both their magazine as well as the website. Great content for innovative leaders.

6. Blogs from Michael Hyatt, Guy Kawasaki, TechCrunch, Robert Scoble,

7. Alltop.com- a great aggregator of blogs, links, and important info. Check out the Church section on Alltop for a listing of some good Church Leadership blogs to read.

8. Charlie Rose- one of the great interviewers of our time, and always has fascinating guests on his show. And you can watch all the interviews on the website.

9. Scott Belsky- his book Making Ideas Happen is everywhere in our office. On purpose. Practical stuff on getting things done.

10. Mashable- keeps me updated on everything in the tech, social media, cool new websites, and social networks space.