Tyler Stanton book now available

Maybe the most average book ever. Actually a below average read, but a great tool for other everyday items like holding important papers or swatting a fly. And a great coaster for your cold drink. Ok. Just kidding.

Tyler Stanton's first book Everyday Absurdities is now available. You should buy it. Read it. And buy more copies of it for your friends.

Tyler helps us with lots of Catalyst stuff, is an emcee for our Catalyst West event, is part of lots of funny videos, a great writer, and a good friend.

It's only $8.99 this week if you use promo code H5J74D59 when you buy it. If you're like me, you can't remember that code, but don't worry. It's on the page where you purchase, so you don't have to remember it now.

If still not convinced, just watch this promo video. That will definitely make your decision easy!!!