Tuesday Links

- Ron Edmondson recently interviewed me on his blog. Check it out. - Check out Pop Tech. Sort of an east coast TED experience. Worth paying attention to for sure. Some great thinkers will be at their event, and good articles and resources on their blog and website.

- We had our mid summer creative meeting last week. Lots of great ideas. Check out the list of folks who attended.

- 67 new innovations. Part of Innovation Insanity from Trendwatching. Some great projects and ideas on the list.

- "Adoption is Everywhere" is the cover story this month for Christianity Today magazine.

- This week is Hillsong Conference in Sydney at Hillsong Church. Major props and prayers to all of our friends from Hillsong, who put on an amazing event. Make sure to keep up with all that is happening on the backstage page. And let's continue to lift up the event in prayer throughout this week.

- The latest Leadership podcast from Andy Stanley is up- When Less is More. It's a 2-part podcast. Definitely worth the listen.

- Make sure to download the Catalyst iphone App to your smart phone. Stay up to date with the latest podcasts, articles, blogs, and special offers.