Ten Small Things that will Kill Company Morale

1. bad tissue in the bathrooms- no one wants the equivalent of sandpaper at the office. invest in the good stuff. 2. charging for coffee- seriously. a bad decision all the way around. and while I'm at it, quit charging for snacks.

3. standardized approach to your office or cube. let your team add some flare to their area. please.

4. a faulty copier- I think there is an international conspiracy to make all copiers bad.

5. technology issues- computer issues, incompetent IT people, and slow responses will cripple your team. Invest here or else.

6. public recognition that is incorrect. make sure you know who actually did a great job before handing out the kudos at the company picnic or staff meeting to the wrong person. this is a total demotivator.

7. a new policy every week. whether it is expense reports, insurance, office furniture, parking, kitchen etiquette, dress code, IT, pets, pranks, profits, travel, meals, hiring, firing, vacation, talking, phones, dating, child care, meetings, conference rooms, dish policy, management, health care, etc., etc. etc. Change is good, but can quickly overwhelm the system. Constant change can be incredibly draining.

8. fun Police. there is one in every company, and their entire reason for living is to make you feel guilty for any kind of fun in the office. Punch them directly in the throat. Just kidding, sort of.

9. too many meetings- if you are an executive or team leader, this is usually your fault, because you feel like you need to schedule meetings in order to seem busy. Stop it. When in doubt, don't meet. Just execute. Don't talk more about it. Just get it done.

10. unmet promises- i'm guilty of this one. I admit it. and it is a morale killer. Leaders- don't throw out promises you can't keep because you feel like the leadership moment demands it. hold your tongue, or be prepared to deliver.

What would you add to the list?