Ten Predictions for 2010

You've seen lots of top ten prediction lists over the past week, so I thought I would add a list to the mix. Here you go, my ten random predictions for 2010, in no particular order:

1. The stock market will reach 11,500.

2. US Post Office will go bankrupt.

3. I'll get customized messages on my iphone from businesses/restaurants/retail stores as I pass by them on the street.

4. Atlanta Hawks will make it to the NBA Finals, but lose to the Lakers.

5. The Housing Market will rebound, and banks will return to full strength.

6. A major steroid controversy will emerge in the NFL.

7. HULU will dominate: More people will watch The Office on their computer than on a TV.

8. Facebook will continue to explode, and be available in cars, televisions, refrigerators, and airplane seat TV's.

9. A major merger will happen between two large successful megachurches, and usher in a new trend of collaboration and partnership.

10. AT&T will purchase Verizon, based on pressure from Apple because of the iPhone carrier contract.

What would you add to the list????