Stuck in the Middle

Leading from the middle of the organization is tough. Lots of responsibility, but limited empowerment. Less money, but more work. And on and on and on. So how do you deal with this reality? 1. Be a linchpin. Be remarkable and so good at what you do that those around you have no other option than to take notice.

2. Anticipate the needs of your boss or those above you. Understand how to best serve them and remove responsibility from their plate onto yours. If you are creating more work for your boss instead of less work, that's a problem.

3. Celebrate the accomplishments and wins for those below you. Be a cheerleader and mentor to your team and those who work for you.

4. Collaborate with those next to you or besides you. Collaboration with your peers in the organization is key.

5. Be trustworthy. This one is huge. It doesn't mean that you don't screw up or fail, but it means that you are worthy of being trusted. Make good decisions. Be honest. Authentic.

I highly recommend John Maxwell's 360 Degree Leader book in regards to this topic. One of my favorite books from John.