SoChurch. Communication. Simplified.

Sochurch is a brand new communication tool for Church leaders, and I am happy to be a part of the advisory team. This communication, community and connection resource for churches will be available this fall, and I'll make sure to provide more updates over the summer how you and your church/organization can be a part. We all know how hard it is to have a full service communication tool that allows for comprehensive and cohesive real-time connections. SoChurch is the new resource that will do this. The goal really is to empower church leaders with seamless and simple communication tools that will enhance their leadership and allow them to impact the communities they serve in a greater way. A great team has been working hard on developing the program. I've included just a sneak peak screen shot of what the tool will look like on your computer.

For now, make sure and follow SoChurch on Twitter.