Most of us think of this principle as an agricultural cycle for managing the land. All farmers and those who manage crops and "work" the land understand this principle. But the idea of Plant, Grow, Harvest is incredibly relevant to economics, and especially relevant today to our management of companies, organizations and teams.

It's really correct Biblical Economics. Kevin Myers pointed this out today at 12Stone. Based on the truth of Leviticus 18 and 19.

If we as leaders don't invest constantly in the PLANT and GROW stage, but instead just focus on the HARVEST, then we'll become consumers. Consumers only. Held by greed and consumerism and the perils of thinking only of OUR take, our profit, our margin, our harvest, our bounty.

We have to keep this Economic Cycle in balance. PLANT. Then GROW. Then HARVEST. Then Plant. Then Grow. Then Harvest. Then SABBATH.

Not HARVEST. Then HARVEST. Then HARVEST. Then a little Planting and Growing. Then more HARVEST. This kind of focus will lead us to destruction.

Companies that don't focus on balancing the cycle will eventually die because of only being focused on the reward, and not the tilling and correct work cycle and proper rhythm of economics.

SABBATH. The fourth part of the Economic Cycle- meaning REST. The idea of SABBATH in agriculture is you have to rest the land as part of the normal cycle, or otherwise you'll overwork the soil and lose your crop. Same in Economics. We have to rest and declare the SABBATH as part of our normal routines in business and for our companies and teams. Allow for recovery. Allow for rest. Reflection. Renewal.

Think through your current economic realities. Are you properly instituting the idea of PLANT: GROW: HARVEST: REST as part of your personal life as well as your corporate/organizational reality?