Notes from the Lausanne Conversation

Had the chance to be on a panel last week in Orlando as part of the "12 Cities/12 Conversations" Tour that is leading up to the Lausanne Congress in South Africa this October. On the panel with some amazing leaders, and I took notes pretty much the whole time because of some great nuggets from the panelists. Here are a few of my notes:

- The new wave of Millenial believers are just as passionate about the Gospel, Scripture, and the core foundations of our Christian faith as any other generation that has come before.

- In terms of cultural engagement, we should be a thermostat, not a thermometer. Focused on Timeless truths in relevant ways.

- Engaging in culture for many Christians has been about Us vs. Them. It should really be Us for Them. - (Erwin McManus)

- We have to fight against the idea of just wearing a wristband and then feeling like we've done something.

- The new generation of leaders doesn't care who gets the credit. It's all about collaboration. Not about personalities, but more about the outcome.

- The global church is now the influencer in terms of sending and teaching. Leaders in the US need to realize that we are really no longer the leaders and in charge, and that's ok.

- One of the greatest needs right now for many evangelistic organizations is online missionaries. The internet has changed the game in terms of reaching the lost.

- It's God's responsibility to change culture, not ours. But, we do have cultural power that we can use as Christians.

- Justice makes for great Evangelism and Evangelism makes for great Justice. Those don't have to be separate. We really need to bring these two back together.

- Those of us under 40 have watched Christians in the US try and create policy and defend our position, all the while losing ground, over the last 30-40 years. So now the generation of leaders under 40 just want to go "live out" the Christian faith, and just do something. Activism for our generation in many ways is a response to what has happened previously.