Links, Updates and Things to Know

Some stuff you should know about: - I recently wrote an article for Collide Magazine on "Creating A Great Experience." 11 tips for those who create experiences. Check it out.

- The most recent Catalyst Podcast features an interview with Gabe Lyons, bestselling author of unChristian and his most recent book that just released entitled The Next Christians. Listen or Download HERE. You can also check out this video of Gabe Lyons on CNN over the weekend.

- Some great pictures from Catalyst Atlanta last week are here. Thanks to Jay Caruso and Andy Brophy.

- Ken Coleman and I were interviewed recently on the Focus on the Family Boundless Podcast. You can listen here. The interview with us starts at 16:30 into the podcast episode.

- Thought provoking article from Shane Hipps in a recent issue of Relevant. The article is titled "Is Facebook Killing Our Souls?" Worth the read.

- Practical and helpful article on what creative tools, software, apps, and resources are being used by innovators and creatives.

- Check out the Highlight video from Catalyst Atlanta.