Initiating vs Responding

A short Monday thought on Initiating vs. Responding..... Leaders are initiators. Leaders are willing to step up and take on the task of driving a project. Leaders are intuitive, and once they have a general direction for a project, don't have to be told what to do every step of the way. Leaders push for action, and are not content with simply sitting still. Leaders drive to the finish line.

Followers respond. They wait on someone to give them direction. They don't step up necessarily to drive a project unless forced to by their boss. Followers tend to want direction on a constant basis, so they make sure approval has been given and therefore covering their tracks if something goes wrong. Followers are content with the project sitting still, as long as it's not their responsibility or they're not at fault. Followers are pulled across the finish line.

Make sure you have a team of leaders who initiate at their core. It's much easier to slow down a racehorse by having to pull back on the reins vs. having to spur and kick and get out the whip in order to move forward. Initiators vs. Responders.