Hillsong United, U2 and Coldplay

Three of my favorite bands in the world. Hillsong United, U2 and Coldplay. Very popular. Love their style. Love their music. Would love to see them all at the same concert. That would be epic.

Even though these 3 bands are very different and very unique, I think there are some commonalities among the three of them. So here's my 5 things I think they have in common regarding their music:

1. singable- songs that are great for corporate worship, or for concert environments.

2. chantable- lines that are very memorable. and easily chanted among thousands.

3. rememberable- i can still remember lyrics from U2 songs in the 80's. They create anthem songs.

4. danceable- yep, lots of their songs make you want to dance.

5. clappable- a common trait among lots of songs, but when you combine that with chantable, it makes for uber power arrangements.