End of Year focus

Ahh, we are now upon the time of year considered to be the "Holiday Season." A time to take a deep breath. Relax. Have some down time to think. Drink some eggnog. Enjoy time with family and friends. And recalibrate.

I love this time of year. Both for the recalibrate and relaxing part, but also because I usually get more done in the next 40 days than I do during any other season of the year.

It's a great time to be relentlessly focused on getting better. And also to make sure that you find time to plan. Time to strategize for the next year, even about the next couple of years.

Time to get better at what you do. Be incredibly intentional about finding ways to improve. Read a ton. Take time to sit down with experts and learn from them.

I have always viewed the 40 days from Thanksgiving to New Years as a season of the year where I can catch up, and actually "get ahead" of where I need to be. When I make myself tons better, and outrace, outpace, and stay ahead of the curve.

So don't just coast into 2011 through this years Holiday Season. Yes, enjoy some down time, relax and refresh. Drink some eggnog. But also remember to be intentional. Focused.... Because 2011 is almost here!