End of the Week Links

- If you want to listen to the entire interview I did with Seth Godin, you can stream here or download from itunes. - Take a moment to read this article from Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot, that appeared on the uber popular blog the Huffington Post.

- Gift Card Giver is challenging everyone who will be watching the Super Bowl to join the Super Giver Campaign, and ask all of your friends attending Super Bowl parties to bring gift cards with them. All proceeds from the cards once collected will be given to Hope International and their Hope for Haiti fund.

- My good friend Carlos Whittaker spent several days this week on the top of the itunes charts for his new EP. If you haven't bought the 3 song set, I encourage you to do so. Congrats Los!

- If you are looking for places to give/get involved with relief efforts in Haiti, we are recommending five organizations: Compassion, Samaritans Purse, World Vision, Convoy of Hope, and Hope International. And for clean water efforts in Haiti, charity: water is our key partner for long-term efforts. All are reputable and doing great work in Haiti.

- David Crowder wrote a very funny guest blog post for Jon Acuff on Stuff Christians Like. Worth the read and many good laughs.