As leaders, we have to be decisive. Indecision can be a killer inside of organizations. A few thoughts on being decisive: 1. Do Your Homework- great decisions are usually the result of being informed. We have to do our homework, look at the information in front of us, scan the horizon, and consider all the best options before moving forward on a decision.

2. Understand the context- Many times it comes down to a better/best scenario, which is much more difficult to mange than a good/bad. Good/bad scenarios are easy. I can decide easily and quickly in that situation. Better/best scenarios require more time and a greater sense of context. Everyone on your team needs to understand this.

3. Know Your Values- As Roy Disney stated, "It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are." many times indecision occurs because of lack of clarity on vision and values.

4. Create a Culture of Action- Making a decision doesn't always lead to execution and completing a task or project, but it definitely is part of the process. If you create a system and culture that demands and requires completion, action, and execution, you'll have no choice on whether to decide or not. The system will drive it.