Books I am Reading

1. Linchpin- by Seth Godin. An instant classic. Seth challenges us with the question, "Are you indispensable?" 2. Making Ideas Happen- by Scott Belsky. Releases next month. This book should be read by every person who is required to move things to completion.

3. Plan B- by Pete Wilson. I've said before, and I'll say again, Pete is the prototype Catalyst leader. This is his first of I'm sure many books.

4. Rediscovering Values- by Jim Wallis. Subtitle is A Moral Compass for the New Economy.

5. The Me I Want to Be- by John Ortberg. A spiritual formation book. Classic Ortberg style, which is always great.

6. Take Your Best Shot- by Austin Gutwein. The story of Hoops of Hope. Austin is a hero of mine, and only 15!

7. Drive- by Daniel Pink. One of my favorite business authors out there.

What's on your nightstand?