Are you risking?

I admire leaders with courage. Leaders willing to risk. This is really basic, but Step out and Step up. 1. Step out. This is the Risk. Take the first step. If you are part of an organization, many times the "paralysis of analysis" can creep in. Or the "delay mentality"- "we'll just wait unit next year....." If it's time to move, step out. Throw the idea on the table. Talk about the elephant in the room. Make a call. Send an email. Schedule the meeting. Make it happen.

2. Step up. This is the Responsibility. Be willing to lead. If you are willing to step out, you need to be prepared to step up and take ownership and responsibility. Big ideas and big dreams get fulfilled because someone has the drive and focus to make it happen. If you are an entrepreneur, then this is a no brainer, because the responsibility always falls on your shoulders. But in organization life, many times the idea gets lost because no one wants to drive it.