Are you a hustler?

Here's the deal: Hustlers are in, and posers are out. Now this is not breaking news. We would all agree on this. But with the current realities of our day, including the economy, much flatter work environments, free agency, transparent staff and team cultures, and a growing dependancy on producers vs dreamers, you better be hustlin. Leadership is no longer just about barking orders and pushing tasks down the chain of command. Leadership is influence, and influence these days is about, as my friend Charles Jenkins says, being "a beast." Which simply means someone who is making it happen. Make it happen leaders are hustlers.

Hustlers are: willing to get it done, willing to work harder than everyone else, willing to stay late, willing to arrive early, willing to start, willing to learn more, willing to make it that much better, willing to start over, willing to work through the dip, willing to do the menial boring tasks, willing to celebrate, willing to pass on credit but absorb criticism, willing to push others higher while pushing themselves lower, willing to take out the trash while also reaping the rewards.

Are you a hustler? Or just a poser?