A fresh perspective on faith- Picking Dandelions

I'm a fan of Sarah Cunningham. For many reasons. And I'm a fan of her latest book, Picking Dandelions. You should buy a copy. Men- this book is for you as well. I know- the title doesn't speak to us as much, but I'm not afraid to pick a dandelion or two when I'm outside....

Sarah has a fresh perspective on faith, a writing style that is personal and unique, and an uncanny way to make you laugh, smile, and cry all within a couple of pages.

Picking Dandelions is in many ways a memoir in which Sarah gives perspective on her childhood and how her faith has continued to take shape over the course of her life. It's a fresh approach, and one in which Sarah challenges the faith which so many of us grew up with.

She's also a high school teacher, which I really appreciate because I come from a long line of educators. One of the hardest jobs in the world. Sarah is part of the Burnside Writers Collective, and wrote her first book Dear Church a couple of years ago.