What's your junction, dysfunction??

So it's time as leaders we all realize we have dysfunctions. Every single leader I know has them. Including me. And reality is, every team has dysfunctions. All teams. Every single one of them. Including our Catalyst team.

And you know what? It's OK.

Realizing and embracing that you have dysfunctions is the first step to overcoming them.

In order to work on the dysfunctions you have, you must identify what they are. And for the last couple of weeks, our Catalyst team has been trying to identify our biggest dysfunctions as a team, and start to work on how we deal with them and ultimately get rid of them.

So, in full disclosure, I thought I would identify a few dysfunctions I have, and a few for our team, that we are working on.

Here's the top 3 dysfunctions I have as a leader:

1. Too intense. Expect everyone else on the team to have the same intensity I do.

2. Don't take time to celebrate the wins, and focus more on the problems and "losses," instead of the wins.

3. Wait too long to address issues or problems, vs. dealing with them immediately.

Here's the top 3 dysfunctions we have as a team:

1. Lack of communication. We tend to forget to share information that is important for others to know in order to do their job well.

2. Silos. Even on small teams (we have 12-15 folks on our team depending on the time of the year) silos and cliques can become a problem. You have to fight against this.

3. Unclear lines of responsibilities. Our team has a can do attitude and a constant willingness to jump in and get things done wherever an whenever needed, but we always are aware of the challenge with "who's ultimately responsible for that?" It's a constant challenge and dysfunction we deal with.

How about you? What are your dysfunctions as a leader, and what dysfunctions do the teams you lead or are on struggle with?