What it's really like in the Catalyst office

This is a guest post from good friend Tyler Stanton. Tyler is one of our emcees for Catalyst events, and tends to think he's pretty funny..... Enjoy! __________________________________________

I've had the privilege of working with Catalyst for the past few years now. I love the organization, but was really surprised by how Brad runs the place. It's very, um, unconventional. Honestly, I'm still not quite used to it. For instance.....

+ As a creative exercise, he makes us confess our darkest sins to the group using play-dough as a visual aid.

+ He requires his entire staff to address him as “Crème L” (his rap name).

+ Each staff meeting begins with Brad making the staff listen to Sonic Flood's I Want to Know You More on repeat for 45 minutes.

+ He charges us for every piece of candy we take out of his office, plus interest.

+ He hired one person who’s sole job responsibility is to research whatever hat Joel Houston is currently wearing and make sure he has four of them on hand.

+ He had a dentist’s chair installed in his office, complete with rinsing bowl. He refuses to work unless he is sitting in it.

+ He makes Tripp and I wear "What Would Jon Acuff Do?" bracelets during creative meetings and when we emcee events.

+ He permanently kicked Kevin Lee out of his cubicle so he'd have a place on-site at the Catalyst office to store his Wheat Thins and Diet Cokes. Kevin now has to work out of his car (which is parked in the building’s only handicapped space so he can get a wi-fi signal).

+ He only allows his staff to chew watermelon gum.

+ Part of my contract states that I must “guard the stall door if Brad needs to use the restroom, you know, in case the lock malfunctions”.

+ If Brad stops by your cubicle and starts doing The Robot and you don’t stop what you’re doing and tell him to “Go” and that it’s his birthday, you’re fired on the spot.

+ The only currency accepted within the four walls of Catalyst are Brad Bucks (1 Brad Buck = 350 ¥).

+ He writes solely in calligraphy.

+ You know that group game where everyone circles up and faces the back of the person in front of them, and then you all sit down at once and you end up sitting on the knees of the person behind you? That’s how he makes us sit in creative meetings.

Don’t get me wrong – I love you Brad. Catalyst wouldn’t be what it is without you. Well, maybe a tad less weird.

Has anyone else experienced this? Please share.

Tyler Stanton is part of a movement of people who don’t take themselves too seriously. His blog, tylerstanton.com , helps dozens of his fellow travelers in their own journey every single day. If all goes according to plan, his glorified pamphlet, Everyday Absurdities: Insights from the World’s Most Trivial Man, will be required reading in all nationally accredited universities by 2026. Also, If all goes according to plan, he will never own a dog.