Up close or Far Away

Are you the same up close as you are far away? Doesn't matter what it is, something can look great from a distance. But once you get up close, many times we realize things aren't the same.

How about you? Do your acquaintances and those who are considered "distant" friends think of you completely different than those who know you best? Do you treat those closest to you completely different than a business partner or a strategic customer who many times we "have" to serve and put up a potential false front with?

How about your organization? Does your organization and team look the same up close as it does from a long ways away? From a distance, I know lots of companies I would love to work for just because they have cool office space and a relaxed corporate culture. But once I really got to know them, how much of my opinion would change?

Ultimately, we can all much easier fake who we really are when we keep people at arms length and distant from us. But in the end, it comes back to honesty, humility, and authenticity.

Leaders and organizations who are authentic look the same up close as they do far away. In fact, I would argue that authentic leaders become more and more authentic the more you get to know them. The more layers you peel away, the more you see true authenticity. Not the opposite.

Take a moment to think about yourself, your team, the organization you serve, or the Church you attend. Same up close as far away???