Turn the rocks over

When's the last time you "turned the rocks over" regarding your leadership? How about your organization? Your church? Your ministry? Your family? Your team? Turning the rocks over means you're willing to confront all the nastiness that might be collecting on the bottom, that is hidden from plain view. The "other" side of the rocks is many times where the dirt, grime, bugs, and creepy things exist. We are aware of them, yet at our core don't really want to acknowledge them, and definitely don't want to deal with them.

This might mean a person on your team needs to be let go, or you need to have a really hard conversation with someone, or you've fallen into a pattern that is now a habit and is tearing you apart. It might mean that you have to move yourself out of a role, or out of leadership all together. It could be a culture issue with your organization that everyone is talking about behind closed doors but no one is willing to bring up in your staff meeting. It could be gossip that is running rampant on your team, a dispute between two team members that hasn't been resolved, a decision that wasn't handled correctly, or just simply a systems problem that has become standard operating procedure yet makes no sense at all.

Whatever the issue is "under the rock," you need to deal with it.

As a leader, it's your responsibility to challenge the status quo, and look for areas in your organization, on your team, in your family, and in your own life that need to be turned over, exposed, and dealt with.

Ultimately, it's about being proactive instead of reactive, about being intentional and aggressive in confronting reality and the brutal facts that no one wants to discuss.

So this next week, be willing to turn a couple of rocks over, see what's growing underneath, and then take action in cleaning up and getting rid of the nastiness that exists.