Top Five Prayer Pet Peeves

Prayer is an essential part of our walk with God. Our Christian faith. Becoming more like Jesus. I love prayer. Prayer can also be a funny thing that we each end up creating some pretty bizarre and unique idiosyncrasies around.

I wanted to highlight a few of those today on a Sunday, the Lord's day.

These happen in the context of corporate prayer- when you and others are praying out loud in a group setting. Which can create some pretty unordinary moments where we say and do things we wouldn't normally say.

This is meant to be funny. So please... no one has the right to be offended!! Good light-hearted thoughts here.

1. using the word "just" as a transition at all times. "lord we just want to ask... and just please be here... and just give us wisdom... and "just" be with us.... JUST Stop it!

2. uhhhh..... uhhhhh....uuhhhhh. Some people do this when they are nervous, or not sure what to say next. It becomes a pet peeve when it's used in a very pensive and serious way with a deep voice so it sounds very spiritual. Again, stop it.

3. naming all the names of God within 20 seconds. "Father God El Shadih Jehovah Jirah Holy One Maker of all Things.... I'm pretty sure God understands our prayers with a simple "Father" or "God" thankyou very much.

4. Calling out the sins of others in front of others as part of your way of praying for them. This one drives me crazy. It's the equivalent of gossip.

5. Continual asking of God to "be with us." Again, usually said when not sure what else to say. It's the go-to statement or ask. A second cousin is the statement "bless us Lord." Nothing inherently wrong with these statements, but a little lazy in my opinion.

BONUS: Revealing your entire knowledge of the entire Bible in prayer. Lots of pastors like to do this, or especially Seminary students, where they go through the entire Gospel story from Genesis to Revelation in one prayer.

What other prayer pet peeves are you aware of???