Ten things that help me do my job better

A few items that are essential in my day-to-day role. Not in any particular order: 1. Apple Macbook Pro- functional, durable, sleek, and syncs with all my other items.

2. Evernote- it's an incredible program. At first it can be intimidating, but stay with it. Will help you keep track of stuff in a whole new way.

3. Moleskine Notebook- a must.

4. "To Do" draft email- I have a very simple "filing" system for ideas and To Do items- everything is either captured in Evernote, in my moleskine, or in a "To Do List" draft email in my inbox. Those three places.... that's it. No sticky notes or tear out pages or writing on my hand.

5. iPhone- I rate it way higher on the importance scale than having an iPad.

6. Pulse News app- a great app for my iPad. I use it every day.

7. Google Reader- a must for keeping up with everyone's blogs

8. Skype and video call recorder- the video call recorder feature allows me to record my Skype video calls and then post to a website or just have for future reference.

9. Steady dose of music, podcasts, and video talks- itunes is a must, both for music as well as podcasts and free content. I also spend a ton of time watching video talks from the TED Conference, as well as hanging out on YouTube looking for fun elements.

10. Creative Boards- I currently have 7 creative boards in my office. I use these for everything from programming to planning to idea development.