Nose out over the tips

I'm a snow skier. I love to ski. In Colorado. Especially the moguls.

And I remember the first time I faced the challenge of a mogul run on a black diamond. Steep and overwhelming. It was tough for me to get started down the mountain.

While gazing over the side from the top of the run, my friends advice was this: "Point your skiis down the hill, keep your nose over your tips, and focus on the moguls you are hitting next, not the moguls you are hitting now."

Great advice for skiing the steep stuff, but also good advice for life. And for leaders.

I love the idea of a "nose over your tips" posture as a leader. Someone who is positioned to own the mountain, conquer the mountain, and not just make it down the mountain. NOT someone who is leaning back, coasting, playing it safe, snow plowing your way back and forth across the mountain, afraid to keep your tips pointed down and an aggressive posture of dominating the hill.

Being a leader who lives out and demonstrates courage requires you to push beyond the norm, and be willing to take risks that might seem out of context or not normal. Keeping your nose over the tips and maintaining a posture that embraces risk and courage and the willingness to continue to push yourself.