Motivation Matters

Watching VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) storm through their first 3 games in the NCAA Basketball Tournament reminded me just how important MOTIVATION is to each of us accomplishing the goals we have in front of us. Motivation Matters. Just ask the team members from VCU.

If you're not familiar with what happened, here's the short synopsis: when the 68 team field was first released last Sunday, March 13, VCU was one of the teams that every basketball pundit was convinced shouldn't have made the cut into the tournament. Not good enough, couldn't guard, no quality wins, competition wasn't good enough, weak conference, and on and on and on. Well, the VCU team took those stabs and cuts and harsh words to heart, with a pure motivation to prove everyone wrong. And now we look back one week later and see three wins in a row, all by more than 15 points in each game. Their magical run through the tournament continues into this week in the Sweet 16.

Motivation matters. It fuels us. Gives us the staying power, and the drive to overcome.

VCU felt like "it's us against the world" and they proved everyone wrong.

As leaders, we have to constantly be aware of the current motivation factors in place for our teams. Maybe for you it's "us against the world," or maybe it's simply trying to beat last month's #'s? Whatever the case, it's important that we put motivational triggers in place to fuel a sense of accomplishment and focus.