Links, Articles of interest and things you should know

A few links and things of interest on this Memorial Day Weekend. - Please consider donating to my good friends from First Response Team and the amazing work they are doing in Joplin and other parts of the country helping tornado victims. They respond for FREE to help victims in areas all over the country. Tad Agoglia and his team need our help!!

- Great article in Fast Company about employee empowerment and corporate culture, featuring the CEO's of Hulu and Groupon.

The 100 Most Creative People in Business List. Jack Dorsey from Twitter and Square is #4, and Bobby Gruenewald of LifeChurch and YouVersion is #97

- New Catalyst Podcast features Jud Wilhite and Jeremie Kubicek. You can subscribe for FREE at itunes.

- Memorial Day means remembering. My dad served in Vietnam, my grandfather in World War II, and other grandfather in the Korean War. Thankful for them and all Veterans, along with current troops serving around the world protecting our freedom. They are the true heroes!

- Scotty, the winner of American Idol, seems like a good dude. He's been sporting an I am Second bracelet all season, and was very humble in his victory this past week.

- Great song just recently discovered from One Republic- Marchin On. It's on their album from last summer, but still a great find. You'll like it.

- My good friend Peb Jackson has a book out called Danger Calling. It's a great read. Highly recommend it. Telling stories of adventure, risk, and daring faith.

- Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, wrote a great article for Catalyst on the topic of authentic faith. Good thoughts. Thanks Jim!