End of Week things to Know

1. Check out my interview with Bill Hybels on the latest Catalyst Podcast. You can listen here or better yet download for FREE on iTunes. 2. Here are some FREE songs courtesy of North Point Music and Catalyst. From Todd Fields, Eddie Kirkland, and Casey Darnell.

3. Speaking of FREE songs, over 30 songs and other great resources are available for FREE on the Catalyst West website. Just click "open your FREE present" at the top right of the page.

4. Friend and designer Barton Damer won the Creative Catalyst design contest put on by Veer and also sponsored by OneDotZero. Check it out here.

5. If you are a college student, better get your tickets for Passion now. Only 2 weeks until thousands of college students gathered in Atlanta. Check out this great short film created to highlight a focus of the event this year- combating modern day slavery.

6. Got this from Tyler Stanton's blog. Tyler has a way of finding the ridiculous. I love reading his blog. And this is awesome.