A "Used to" Leader

Don't be a "used to" leader. Heard a great sermon from Kevin Myers at 12 Stone Church this past Sunday on the idea of Gumption.

Kevin defined Gumption as "the character to commit and complete." And ultimately, that being consistent is the key to completing what you've committed to.

The opposite of Gumption is inconsistency, and being a "used to" leader.

A "used to" leader is someone who lives in the past, and has drifted away from commitments you once made.

"Used to" Leaders are always talking about how.....

I "used to" workout.

I "used to" have a regular prayer time.

I "used to" be a hard worker.

I "used to" date my wife/husband on a regular basis.

I "used to" be a learner and read consistently.

I "used to" read the Scriptures daily.

I "used to" have fun with my kids.

I want to be a "I am" leader. Making it happen today. Focused on today. Being present.